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For instance, if you run an ecommerce site offering various types of goods, your competitors will be different in the laptop and the video camera categories.

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He was playing the trombone at the age of 13 and would receive a guitar for Christmas that year. He toured the southeast in various bands for eight years before forming a band called Deepfield in 2002.

In fact, if Ronnie Van Zant were alive today, Shinedown guitarist Jasin Todd's 3-year-old daughter would call him Gramps.

Later this week, we are doing the Nerd Dating Game for the very first time ever! He's a self-professed nerd who has a hard time finding ladies who are into him. I quit wasting time because I didn't let my own lonelines or desperation get the better of me anymore. They start thinking stuff like, "Well I know I'm kinda nerdy and chill and she seems like she wants a dude who gets arrested once a month, rides a crotch rocket and drinks 12 energy drinks every day because he's so EXTREME, but maybe she will change her mind, change what she likes, change who she is, and decide she wants to hang out with me instead!

I'm kinda excited because it's always fun to get people doing things like that. Doing this show every morning, we hear from lots of people with lots of relationship problems, lots of people who have a tough time finding love, and it's mainly a lot of people trying to force relationships with people who just aren't the right fit for them. " No, that's wrong and you're dumb for thinking it.

When I finally figured it out, I spent about 2 years being pretty lonely and miserable, but by then I knew more about what I wanted so I was able to avoid trying to force it.

Trust me, as a self-professed idiot for the exact same reason, I know.