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There is more to that drive than just trying to get laid.

Dating a horsey girl

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No wait, Michael Jung is definitely second date fodder. If they take any of these nuggets of wisdom to heart, they just might be a keeper. Here’s what our much-loved horse husbands had to say: Josh Autry (HH to Jenni Autry): “At shows bring her a cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night.

I took the liberty of asking some well-established horse husbands for their sage advice on how to survive a relationship with an eventer. And she will still love you even if you don’t understand dressage.” Gamal Awad (HH to Hawley Bennett-Awad): “Golden rule for being with an equestrian: Horses come first. If there is room after cleaning tack.” Tommy Bateman (HH to Leslie Wylie): “Picture yourself actually doing what she does — it’ll terrify and amaze you.” Eric Caravella (HH to Holly Payne-Caravella): “For a non-horse guy, dating an eventer can seem overwhelming at first.

She’s the one who incessantly doodled ponies on her notebooks during school…

She begged her parents for a pony non-stop from the time she could walk.

As it turns out, there’s not a ton of sailing in northwest Louisiana…

so chances are, you’ll meet a ‘horsey’ girl at some point.

That, and they smell like crap from being around horses all day. One of them lived on a ranch and actually gave riding lessons. Overall, I would say that horse chicks are usually pretty level-headed; embrace traditional family-type values; tend to be politically conservative rather than liberal; tend to be beer or whiskey drinkers rather than wine; have a very low tolerance level for men who try to game them; and have a pretty strong streak of independence.

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So, if you take an interest in the sport and somehow manage to use ‘oxer’ or ‘lead change’ properly in a sentence, she’ll be amazed.” Timothy Harfield (HH to Elisa Wallace): “Being in a romantic relationship with a horse person is really no different than any other romantic relationship.I've been told crazy is normal for horse chicks What should one expect?I once hung out with one a few years ago as friends and she seemed normal, but went bat poop crazy when she found out I was dating someone.Horse girls tend to have a great work ethic, compassion, empathy and more…Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!With muddy boot patches and strange assortments of leather things strewn around.