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Fans and collectors remain familiar however, with the dozens of Pelham Puppets characters that have been made over the year including a nurse, firefighter, policeman and pirate.

Fortunately for all Pelham Puppets fans this closure was short lived, and David re-opened the puppet manufacturing business in mid 2013.

The SM range with moving mouths usually made from larger wooden balls for heads but some have molded heads.

The JC range, a smaller simpler puppet intended for younger children.

Originally the puppets had their wooden heads turned on a lathe, but after visiting a fairground in 1948, Bob secured a supply of the wooden balls used for coconut shies, and so often these were used for the heads of puppets.

Pictured right: Pelham Puppet large scale Mickey Mouse, marionette, painted features, smiling mouth, blue felt shirt with white collar and two white buttons, red cotton shorts, large yellow feet – impressed on base of sole PELHAM PUPPETS LTD Walt Disney Products, costume slight fading, a few surface scratches, otherwise Good Plus to Excellent, 18″/46cm.

This enabled even quite young children to operate their Pelham Puppet with ease using a classic "t-bar" control.

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There are many different varieties of puppets, and they are made of a wide range of materials, depending on their form and intended use. Puppets of all sizes and types are able to be used, and glow in a powerful and magical way.

Mainly known for making Pelham marionettes the company also manufactured glove puppets, rod puppets and ventriloquist puppets.

There are many ranges in Pelham Puppets but the main ones are The LS range 12 inch puppets with half wooden ball feet, wooden heads and waxed string holding the parts together.

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Many people have discovered the timeless quality and immense play value of Pelham Puppets and you too, can discover what enjoyment and fun children can gain from good traditional toys.