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The Academy of Science of Yakutia will formerly introduce the cubs at a press conference late next month, along with other Ice Age animals preserved in the region, which is the largest and coldest in Russia, The Siberian Times reported.Cave lions, Panthera spelaea (Goldfuss) roamed Siberia more than 10,000 years ago in the Ice Age before they became extinct, meaning the cubs are at least this old. Cave lions probably preyed upon the large herbivorous animals of their time, including horses, deer, reindeer, bison and even injured old or young mammoths.Enormous amounts of lava both erupted over land and flowed beneath the surface, creating immense sheets of igneous rock in the shallow crust.

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The Russians leading the research say the infant woolly rhino probably died from drowning 34,000 years ago, reported The Siberian Times, which revealed images and video of the unprecedented autopsy, which took place in Yakutsk.

Their territory would have stretched across of much of what is now eastern Russia and Kazakhstan, from the Don River almost to Mongolia.

Their fossils have been identified at multiple sites, and estimates of their extinction remained consistently at around 350,000 years old.

The Siberian Husky is a direct descendant of the first sled dog, which confirmed by DNA evidence, is one of the oldest dog breeds on earth.

Known for its stamina and adaptability, the Siberian Husky is responsible for the survival of numerous cultures, allowing them to transport supplies in unforgiving conditions.